Monday, August 17, 2009

"Oh my gosh, where have you been?!"

I've been working evenings on a project for the doctor I work for. He has decided to make the transition over to electronic prescriptions, so I found the software, have been adding about 1500 patients, and going completely crosseyed doing it! Tim went ahead and put in his top 40 or so prescriptions and saved them as favorites so all the doctor has to do is select the medication and the sigs are already on there and he just has to attach it to a patient and there you go!

While I've been camped out, with pen in mouth and computer in lap, I have had some company:

They looked like that until they saw this:

Whenever it rains, the entire front of our house is covered in snails and some of them find there way onto our front door (you might need to click on the picture to enlarge it to see them):
Two things to note about this picture: those nose prints happen within 5 minutes of anytime I clean the door and Annie is apparently winking at you!

I know all 5 of you were worried about where I was for the past week, but worry no more, I am back! You should hear more from me this week!!


Elle said...

Ich... working in the evenings stinks! Happy Birthday Tim! Are ya'll going back to JBU for homecoming?

Wagon Mom said...

So cute!!! :) I love snails and had no idea the dogs would notice them! LOL