Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 5 of the Great Adventure: Huntington Beach to Redding

It was sad to say "good-bye" to Tim's grandparents.  The boys had such a blast with them and Robby kept asking to go back after we drove away.
 On the road again after a day off.

 We had to switch drivers because Tim was just too tired to keep going (just kidding!)!
 He did think that was the funniest thing, though!
 We kept ourselves entertained thanks to some trail mix...
We decided that we would just grab some dinner then head to the hotel when we got into town. I was tired of fast food so we got Outback to go.  I have never been so happy!  :-)  And the hotel where we stayed had pack n plays for us so we didn't have to unpack them and they had these great bags for the boys' baths.  Townplace rocks!
 While Tim was out getting gas and ice, Charlie danced in front of the mirror...
 ...and Robby played with a nightstand that then fell over on him.  I think he learned the lesson not to stand in a drawer again!
Annie wanted to get in on bathtime with the boys!

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