Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 2 of the Great Adventure: Muleshoe to Flagstaff

This day was a little rough driving-wise. The boys were great but the wind was horrible. With the skybox on top and the hitch mounted storage tray on the back, we felt every single gust of wind. Tim was fighting against constant wind the entire time then there would be random gusts that would nearly run us off the road. The big trucks were having problems and we passed a road construction vehicle that had blown over. BLOWN OVER. It was crazy.

As much as we are excited to see the beauty of the mountains in Alaska, we enjoyed the beauty if the flat, rocky terrain and the plateaus. 

We are realizing that the last 30 minutes to an hour are going to be that witching hour with the boys. Totally makes sense because that's how they are at home that last hour before Tim gets home. So we just turn up the music and car dance until we make it to our stop!  

We decided to grab some dinner before we checked into the hotel instead of unpacking then getting out again. The boys were so happy to be out of the car!

When we walked out of the restaurant there were some test trucks in the parking lot. They were new 2014 Chevy heavy duty trucks and they had them all wrapped to cover what they looked like.  The men who were testing them were covering them in tarps and locking them down. A security guard was even by them!  That was a pretty fun thing to see. 

We got checked into our hotel and the boys explored the balcony!

We had hoped to get there in enough time to take the boys swimming but that didn't happen.  They were exhausted and went right to sleep after bath time.

We were right behind them on the sleep!  It's amazing how tired we can be after sitting all day!


Darlene Weigle said...

The pictures of the boys in the Pack-n-Plays are just precious! :)

Amanda Adams said...

Jody and I are constantly traveling to see family and we always say the same thing that it's amazing how you can be THAT exhausted and all you did was sit!!!