Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 3 of the Great Adventure: Flagstaff to Huntington Beach

It seems like we just cannot leave at the time we say we are going to leave!  Loading the car takes about twice as long as we think it will and the boys' breakfast takes a while. But the important thing is that we got on the road, right?!

The boys enjoyed a little more time on the balcony while Tim loaded up the car.

Knowing that tomorrow we get to wake up and not get straight on the road gives us something to look forward to!  The boys did pretty well. My mom sent me little treasures for each day on the road for the boys to open. They are loving the anticipation of treasures from LaLa!

Something did not agree with Charlie and he had quite a few diapers that needed changing. The first stop we made, both boys required complete outfit changes and 15 minutes later we had to stop again for Charlie. At the first stop, there was a kind lady that helped me with Robby while I was trying to get Charlie all changed. I couldn't thank her enough!  The upside of our stop 15 minutes later was there was a fire truck in the parking lot that honked and the firemen waved to Robby!

We stopped in Barstow for lunch. As soon as Tim got out of the car to get yet two more outfits for the boys, a guy walked up to him with the "very embarrassing" story of leaving his car and wallet in Barstow...yes, we were in Barstow. The guy was extremely high on something and Tim just looked at him and said "This is not a good time."  While I conducted the diaper and clothing changes, Tim walked Annie and gave her water. We partially rolled the windows down and left a bowl of water for Annie while we ran in to eat a quick lunch. When we came back, we had a nice note from a concerned citizen. At least we know Annie is being prayed for!

We were happy to exit into Newport Beach and roll the windows down and smell the wonderful ocean air!

We went to eat at a SoCal favorite: wahoo's!
Tim's grandparents enjoyed the boys and played with them a bit before bed time. Thankfully, we get a break tomorrow and can enjoy this beautiful weather!