Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 4 of the Great Adventure: Huntington Beach

These are only the pictures that I have on my phone.  We have lots on our big camera that I will post in a few days.  We got some great pictures of the boys with their Great Grandparents!  I'm so happy we had this time to make some great memories with them!

Robby woke up and immediately wanted to play outside. He was out there ALL morning!  Great grandma came out and played with him for a while and Charlie joined him after a bit.

Tim had to get the oil changed in the car so while he was there he met up with a cousin of his that he hadn't see in about 20 years!

Once he got back, we went to see some friends from JBU. Tyler owns a screen printing business that is thriving in Costa Mesa. He and his wife, Allison, had their baby girl about 7 months ago. We grabbed some lunch and ate at the shop while we caught up a bit.

After naps, we all headed to Tim's aunt and uncle's house in Mission Viejo. Robby and Charlie loved their backyard!  They played in the grass, picked oranges, and ran around the pool. Later on they got in the hot tub. We can already tell that Charlie will be our little swimmer!  

After dinner and some chatting, we headed back so the boys could go to bed and we could repack the car. Tim was able to rearrange everything so it all fit better and he could see out of the back more. Now, all that needs to be loaded in the morning is our overnight bag and the pack n plays. So much easier than all the previous nights!  


Darlene Weigle said...

The picture of Charlie pointing at Angeline is just adorable. :)

Kristal Strong said...

I know I'm not family, but I'm enjoying all the pictures and details!