Thursday, June 7, 2012

An update

I thought I would let you know how my new plan is going this week.  First off, the getting up early worked for the first two days.  I was up and going at 5.  I worked out, had my quiet time, showered and got ready all before Tim even got out of bed!  Then Charlie ate and I emptied the dishwasher, started laundry and prepped breakfast for when Robby woke up.  I felt very in control of the day and all morning I was able to just play with the boys and I wasn't trying to fit housework in also.  The afternoons and evenings went well.  But Wednesday and today I've had a headache when I woke up, so I decided it would be best to sleep an extra hour or two.  Yesterday, I didn't get a workout in until the end of the day when I just did one super quick.  Today, the morning was frustrating and I was rushing around trying to get things done so we could get out the door.  Thankfully, both boys took a nap at the same time so I was able to workout then.  I've finally gotten to the point where I actually feel better on the days I workout, not just more exhausted like I was at the beginning.  But based on how this morning went, tomorrow I will be back to my early rising!  It really did make everything go so much more smoothly!

The load of laundry a day is actually really nice.  I've kept up with that really well and instead of feeling like an entire day is spent folding laundry, I get it folded in 5 minutes and I'm done with it for the day.  I will admit, the first day I did just one load I had the hardest time deciding if I should do a light load or a dark load.  I stood in our closet looking back and forth at the piles of laundry trying to figure out which I should do and if I would be disappointed that I didn't choose the right load.  Haha!  I'm very happy to tell you that it all turned out well and the world did not implode based upon my decision to wash the darks on Monday and the lights on Tuesday!  :-)

The meal planning has been WONDERFUL!  I feel so prepared and not worried about deciding what to fix.  In case you checked out the recipes that I posted, I will let you know how we felt about them (since they were all new recipes).  Sunday, Tim liked it but I didn't.  The ranch flavor didn't mix well with the parmesan flavor, in my opinion.  Monday, the pizza cupcakes were great.  Very easy and Tim was able to take them to work Tuesday for his lunch very easily.  I have gotten on a kick of making several foods in muffin tins to help me with portion control.  It's worked very well.  Tuesday, we didn't have it because Tim's parents brought us dinner.  Easiest dinner of the week!  :-)  Wednesday, I fixed the pasta I was going to fix on Tuesday.  I liked it but it needed more seasonings.  Maybe some basil or oregano or something.  Tim doesn't like mushrooms but he picked around those and he didn't like the shrimp that was in there.  I will make it again, possibly with chicken, but definitely with more seasonings.  So, I'm just going to skip the enchiladas this week and do them next week.  I'll let you know how the recipes for tonight and tomorrow night go.  I'm really excited to try the mongolian beef!

Several of you left comments, sent me facebook messages or wrote on my facebook wall with such encouraging words.  Thank you very much!  It means so much to me to have such great friends and encouragers cheering me on in this journey through motherhood!

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Gloria said...

Randi, your blog is such a highlight of my day! You are an amazing woman. You are a wonderful mother and wife. All your boys are blessed to have you. We love you and are so proud of you.