Monday, June 4, 2012

I just want to get one good picture

Mommy: Robby, look at the camera, I want to get a picture of you and Charlie in your matching shirts.
Charlie: I love pictures!
 Robby: What?
Charlie: She wants us to look at the camera!
Robby: What, Charlie?
Mommy: Let's try the bumbo seats.  Robby, put your tongue back in your mouth
Charlie: My neck isn't quite strong enough to sit in this for a long time, Mommy!
 Robby: I bet I can climb onto the recliner!

Robby: I made it!
Charlie: Yay!
 Robby: What did you say, Charlie?
Charlie: Oh nothing!
 Mommy: Ok, this will work, just smile now, Robby!
Mommy: Forget the bumbos, I'll just put Charlie up with you.
Robby: But I don't want him up here!
 Robby: Hey, Charlie, I bet I can find your belly!
 Robby: Yep, there it is!
 Robby: What's back here?
 Robby: What's out there?
 Robby: I think I'm ready to get down.
Robby: Did you get a good picture, Mommy?


Catie said...

Love this :)

Whitney said...

LOL! Yes. Yes. YES!