Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm branchin' out, y'all!

Yesterday, we had a date day for our anniversary. Kathy, Tim's sister, took care of the boys so we could have some time out and about. We went to the Quarry. We did a little shopping, mainly places I couldn't maneuver with the boys by myself but have been needing to go. We went to a sushi place for lunch. Tim doesn't like fish of any kind so we never go to sushi places. But Tim knows I enjoy it, so he insisted we go. He just ordered a non-fish dish and I was able to have a wonderful roll. I'm not sure if I appreciated the sushi more or the quiet atmosphere without having to worry about anyone throwing all their food on the floor. Tim was on his best behavior! :-) After lunch we went to the movies and finally saw the Avengers. Once the movie was over, we went to the fancy grocery store to pick out some fun goodies. Quite the romantic date, huh?

All that's fun and all, but let's talk about what I wore! I decided I wanted to wear something that I have had in my closet for over a year but have never worn before. Mainly because the material is not a toddler-wrestling, baby-drooling, diaper-might-be-leaking-friendly material. Along with this dress that I had never worn before, I incorporated two styles that have been around forever but I haven't tried yet: leggings and a wide belt. I felt so uncomfortable at first because it was new to me so I was afraid I looked like someone who was trying to look somewhat trendy. Tim just told me to own it and be confident. So, I did...or at least I tried! :-)

So here's my outfit:

Ignore my weird arm in the one picture. I was trying to decide if I wanted to go hand on the hip or not and ended up getting the picture mid change!

I still have about 10 pounds or so of baby weight to lose and a ton of toning to do, so of course that's what I see when I look at these pictures, but I also felt cute and it is causing me to think through my outfits a little differently. Tim has always told me that my confidence, or lack thereof, can make or break an outfit. Maybe more than incorporating new trends I should work on incorporating a little more confidence in my outfits!


Brittany said...

I can't believe you know Becca and Nate! What a small world!!! :)

Katie said...

You look ADORABLE! Love the outfit. And, Tim's right--YOU wear the outfit, it doesn't wear you. ;) And you wore this one beautifully!

Kristal said...

You look great!!! And SO tiny!!

Catie said...

I can't tell you how cute you look! I only have a couple of dresses I wear leggings with, but I love to do it. It is so comfortable. I didn't think it was me, but after I did it I loved it. And you look so good, you really do! I'm glad ya'll got to spend some time together for your anniversary