Saturday, October 15, 2011

A New Place to Sit

We knew the time was coming when Robby would no longer be able to use his bumbo seat. I feel that using it from a month and a half until 9 months was some pretty good use of it! This week he's been leaning over the side, trying to flip himself out of it when he was ready to be out, so the time was definitely now! I had been researching our options, knowing that I didn't want a traditional highchair. There are quite a few booster seat combos out there but I decided on the Fisher Price Deluxe Booster Seat. It will work great with our table once he no longer uses the tray. And for now, it's perfect to just pull the chair away from the table, attach the tray and feed him in it like it is a regular highchair. Robby got very excited when we put him in it and didn't act anxious to get out of it when he was done with his cheerios! So I think we have a winner!

We set up in the living room because we were watching football!

Robby and Annie both checking it out!

I think he approves!

Pretty content!

I was in the way of the game!

Works perfectly!


sarah said...

we have the same ones for hiba and matthias! they have taken a lot of abuse over the years and are holding up great. :-) i love that they are so easy to move around, they fold up, the tray is easy to clean since it comes apart - they love them too! so fun to watch robby grow up!

Catie said...

Cute!!! I have started putting Gus in his high chair and giving him snacks while I am cooking. It keeps him busy and allows me to focus on dinner!