Monday, July 18, 2011

Sippy Cups and Teeth

I was really surprised that at Robby's 4 month appointment, the NP told us we could start him on a little apple juice. I didn't do it because it just seemed too soon. So, at one of the appointments last week, the dr mentioned we could start introducing a sippy cup to him since he was 6 months old. I hadn't even thought of a sippy cup (probably because I am in denial that my baby boy is half of a year old!). I knew to expect a difficult time finding just the right sippy cup that Robby would like and be able to drink out of. I did a little research and decided on the type I wanted him to try first. We purchased it on Sunday and filled it with a tiny amount of apple juice, but mainly water. He grabbed it by the handles and popped it right in his mouth! I couldn't believe it! It took a few tries but he got the hang of drinking from it. It was funny to watch because his eyes got really big when he actually got some out of it. (I'm sorry most of these are blurry. I got so excited when he would get it to his mouth that I couldn't take a clear picture!)

Today, I was holding Robby in the recliner and I was able to see in his mouth just right. I saw two little tooth buds on his bottom gums! Then, tonight, I'm pretty sure I saw a third on the bottom. This should definitely be another interesting week!

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