Wednesday, July 13, 2011

6 months!


I canNOT believe you are 6 months old.  It has been an incredible 6 months, but this last month has been my absolute favorite.  We have had zero gas issues, you are sleeping incredibly, and you are eating like a champ!  You weight 18lbs 3oz and are 26 1/2 inches long.  You are now on formula and you take 2 8oz bottles a day and 2 6oz bottles, plus 3 foods.  Your days are very predictable, which I love!  You wake up sometime between 5 and 6 for your first 8oz bottle, then go right back to sleep.  You wake up for the day between 8 and 9.  You are awake for exactly 2 hours then need your first nap.  During that first 2 hours, you roll around on our bed, talk, play with your feet, then you eat some sort of fruit.  Your favorite for the mornings is a combination of apples and bananas.  But since you have to have your cereal, I will combine your cereal with a little formula then mix it with the apples.  After you eat your breakfast, we usually play in the living room.  You love to sit on your own.  You aren't even wobbly any more!  You can bend over and pick up whatever toy you want then sit back up.  You are beginning to get up on your hands knees and rocking to crawl, but for some reason instead of just crawling like that, you put your head down on the floor, then crawl.  You don't go very fast, but you definitely get where you are going.  If there is a toy across the floor that you want, you get to it!  Your exersaucer is one of your favorite toys.  I have loved watching you figure out what all the different parts do.  I remember putting you in it when you were about 3 1/2 months old and you only liked being in it for about a minute at a time and didn't really play in it.  Now you just spin all around to the different things.  It's been so neat to see you develop and understand things more.  You usually just let out a quick whine after you've been up for 2 hours and I know it's nap time.  All I have to do is put your paci in, lay you down, pat your bottom and you are out.  That's when I try to get my shower and whatever other little things I need to get done around the house.  You sleep anywhere between an hour to 2 1/2 hours for your first nap.  Once you wake up, you take a 6oz bottle, then an hour later you have some sort of veggie.  You love to eat Ella's Kitchen foods because of the combination of flavors.  It's funny when I switch you back to regular baby food that is just one veggie or fruit because you get bored with it very quickly!  We usually try to get out sometime around 2 (for Sonic happy hour, of course!).  Generally, we take a drink up to Daddy at work then run whatever other quick errands we have for the day.  When we get back, you lay down for another nap.  Your afternoon naps only last about 45 minutes-1 hour.  You wake up in the morning and from naps just talking and blowing bubbles.  I let you do that for as long as you want.  The other morning you did it for 40 minutes, then I couldn't stand it any more and wanted to see you, so I went in to get you and you just looked at me with the biggest grin on your face.  Once you wake up from your afternoon nap, we just play until Daddy gets home from work.  Once he gets home, you eat again, we eat, then you and Daddy play together.  Around 7 or so, you get your last 8oz bottle, then Daddy gives you a bath.  You still love bath time.  You kick, splash, and squeal the whole time.  As soon as you are dry and your jammies are on, you go to bed.  If you wake up in the night, it is because you have lost your paci, but you generally can find it yourself and put it back in, then fall back asleep on your own.

Your smile is by far your daddy and my favorite thing.  You smile ALL the time!  It absolutely melts our hearts.  Everywhere we go, people have to stop us to talk to you and compliment you.  You clearly love it because your smile gets bigger and you start blinking your eyes faster.  It's so funny to see you feed of the attention others give you.  If you stayed this age for the rest of your life, I would be so happy with that.  But I know you are going to grow and there are going to be more fun stages in your future.  I love staying home with you and seeing you change every day.  We drove to Arkansas last week, when we drove up, you had a toy that you couldn't quite figure out, but by the time we were heading back home, you were playing up a storm with it.  Those little things just make me sit back and smile.  You are such a sweet baby.  I know how you are has nothing to do with anything your daddy or I have done, you are just a happy baby who likes to stick to your little routine.  I am so thankful for that.  I'm sure when your teeth start coming in, it will throw us all for a loop!  :-)

I love you, little man!!