Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 6

Well, I didn't post yesterday because I was able to skype with Tim, so I could tell him personally what we did and he got to see us!  I spent the day yesterday mopping and cleaning baseboards, so nothing fun!  Then my parents arrived around 5 and we finished organizing and packing everything to make the move down to Schertz today.  This morning, we got up, loaded everything, got on the road, and arrived here at about 9:00pm.  Robby did pretty well on this trip, but we had to stop an extra time for him to eat than we did on our first trip down.  But that's ok.  We made it.  We are exhausted and I only got one picture today!

Tomorrow I get to see our new apartment and move in everything that we brought with us.  I found out Friday from the movers that our things won't be delivered until Thursday.  We were told they could be delivered Tuesday.  So that kind of throws a kink in things, but it's fine.  It will all work out!

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