Friday, March 11, 2011

4th day

Today was another long, tiring day.  The movers loaded everything up and will deliver it next week to the apartment.  Some sweet friends brought lunch and their babies over to my empty house.  We spread out blankets and sat on the floor to eat and have a little playdate.  Then I strapped Robby into the Baby Bjorn and got to work cleaning the house.  I didn't get everything done but my parents will be here tomorrow to help me finish up.  After that, I went to the hospital to see Josh, Catie, and Gus.  It was incredibly hard to say goodbye to them.  They are such wonderful friends and it just stinks that we have to leave right as we both enter this new stage of our lives.  I left the hospital with tears streaming down my face.  A friend invited me over for dinner with her husband and new little boy.  It was so sweet of them to think of me.  She sent me away with diapers and food so I wouldn't have to worry about anything tonight and could just relax.  I didn't take a ton of pictures today, but here are the ones I took.
This morning while I was getting ready, I put him on his tummy and he just fell back to sleep!
Robby and Gus
8 weeks ago today, this woman coached me through bringing this little guy into the world!
I'm so glad I ran into her at the hospital!  Her name is Anissa and she was AMAZING!
Sweet sleepy boy!

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Bryan & Val said...

Missing you sweet friend!