Friday, November 21, 2008

What a gassy boy!

This morning, while I was at the computer doing some work, Leo was here:
While Tim and Annie were here:Leo has the ability to make human sounding toots. Sometimes he does it when he's climbing up on something and sometimes he just does it while he's laying somewhere, but it ALWAYS surprises him. Usually he tilts his head looking at us like one of us did it. This morning, he was laying there when he let out an unusually loud toot and I guess it scared him, or he was doing a really good job of trying to put the blame on someone else, but he just started barking so loudly at the noise. I couldn't help but laugh at him! He was very concerned by what that loud horn sound was!! I calmed him down and he laid back down, only to begin his quieter, stinky little toots! Poor boy, must take after his daddy!!

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Robert and Kristal said...

Yes, I feel for you on the gassy-ness. Our little Cali, the beagle, has issues with gas.

Can I also just say that I LOVE that you let your kiddos on your furniture!! We do too and some people think that's just crazy. But for us, they are our kids. Granted, that will probably change in a few months to some degree, but still...we treat them as if they were real children. :)