Thursday, November 20, 2008

Long Shory Stort

We had a little issue last night. Well, actually, we have been having issues for about a month and a half with the washer and dryer combo that is in our house. I have been having to call our landlord pretty much every other day for this long explaining that our dryer had broken again! So, finally, Saturday they delivered a new washer and dryer combo to us. We were so glad, because now we wouldn't have to call our landlords anymore...until last night. Yes, last night, as I was doing the dishes, what was in the toilet 30 minutes before, was suddenly in the bathtub...and the pipes were gurgling. Tim and I looked at the tub kind of in disbelief as we both realized this meant we probably weren't going to be able to go to the bathroom at all that night since the water in the toilet had risen so much and was not showing any signs of going down. After calling my dad, we realized we were going to have to call our landlords yet again to tell them what was happening. Tim told me it was my turn to call them since he had just done it the last time. I promptly told him I would not do it, we would just wait it out. Yes, apparently I had decided that I was not going to go to the bathroom at our house anymore. I don't really know what I thought that would accomplish, since we wouldn't be able to wash clothes or do dishes, since the dishwater from the sink was backing up into the washing machine. It was quite a mess, but Tim decided he would call our landlord's son, who handles all of the problems when they are out of town (which is pretty much all the time). So he calls and is trying to figure out a delicate way to explain what was in our bathtub. So, as I am telling Tim what to say as he is talking to this guy (I tend to do this a lot and it is not appreciated very much!), Tim realizes how he wants to word it, and it comes out like this: "Well, long shory stort, what was flushed down our toilet is in our bathtub now". Yes, he said "long shory stort" and I lost it. I think it was because I was so upset that another thing was wrong with the house and was going to put us in an uncomfortable situation, but I died laughing. Tim didn't even realize what he had said until after he hung and I told him. He was a little embarassed at the fact that he was trying to really sound like he knew what he was talking about and ended up sounding as though he was drunk!

But, long shory stort, Roto-Rooter came today and took care of the problem. So, if you decide to come visit us, you can totally use the bathroom!!

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Julia & Tyler said...

This totally happened to us in our apartment in D.C., it was horrendous. We lived on the bottom floor so other people's crap was backing up into our tub and toilet! We only had one bathroom so we had to go to another building whenever we needed to shower or use the toilet PLUS my brother was in town staying with us. It took 4 days to fix the problem and they broke 3 different toilets. We will never live on the bottom floor of an apartment complex again! I totally feel for you on the Washer problems to, ours is only 18 months old and has broken twice, flooded our downstairs neighbor the first time :( Last week I caught it in time! I wonder why I want to be a homeowner someday.