Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our Guest Room

If you come visit, here is where you will stay:

This is my great-grandmother's furniture that was made in the late 1800's. The milk glass lamps and the pieces on the shelves were my other great-grandmother's.

This picture was my grandparents'. It was in their living room above their couch. I used to sit on my grandfather's lap in that room and talk to him about what I thought the people were doing. I have very vivid memories, even though I was only about 3 or 4, of that picture in that room. I am so glad my grandmother gave it to me!

Here is the dresser that I am using as my desk. The guest room is also used as my Mary Kay office.

I really love this room because of what all of these items mean to me. I love having little treasures from different sides of my family.

You know I can't end this post without some pictures of the dogs! Here you go:

I am so sorry this picture is sideways, it is not nearly as funny. You must tilt your head sideways so that you can see that Leo is sitting like a person!

Here is Annie in her new sweater right after she ate a pack of gum that Tim left out!

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