Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A great weekend!

On a sidenote to what I am going to write about, it has been quite an evening. Leo broke yet another window pane in our front window and our washing machine overflowed and covered the kitchen with about 1/4 inch of water! Fun fun day!

Anyways, Willy, Darlene, Ethan, and Elizabeth came for a visit this weekend. We had a wonderful time. I just love spending time with our precious niece and nephew! Elizabeth is getting so big and her smile is the sweetest thing you have ever seen. Ethan is so animated and excited about everything. From the time he found out that we would be going to a pumpkin patch this weekend, he talked about it like crazy! The dogs loved having the kids around...even though Elizabeth wasn't so sure about Leo. Here are some pictures from the weekend. Like I said, we had a great time and I really wish it was more convenient for them to come out more often.
Enjoy these pictures from this past weekend, as well as pictures of our newly rearranged living room (done to try to prevent Leo from breaking anymore windows!!

Working hard on that water pump
On the cow train
In the "corn maze"

At the corn shoot

Two scary scarecrows
At the pumpkin patch

Ethan with his loot

"Where are they going, guys?"

Our new layout for the living room. Hopefully, no more windows will be broken!

And of course, some cute ones of our babies!

Does this look comfortable?
Daddy's Little Girl!

"I hate when he takes out the trash and doesn't let me go with him!"

Superdog to the rescue!

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AliciaG said...

Hey Ranj!
Love the post and the pictures of your dogs, house and neice and nephew. It is so much fun to read of all that is going on with you and to see pictures of your little house. It looks so pretty and homey.
Hugs to the two of you!
Ms. Alicia Ü