Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh, the joy of chewies!

So, I bought the pups some chewies today. I haven't gotten them any for a very long time because Annie will steal Leo's, which will cause him to yelp at a very high pitch for long periods of time. Or, Leo will have both of them and Annie will want one, so she barks and growls at him until he runs off with his tail between his legs and she takes both of them. Then the cycle starts all over again! Anyway, I gave them each a chewie at lunch and they are loving them! So far, no fights, but I think Leo was paranoid that Annie was going to take his, so he burried it. Here is a picture of where he decided would be the best hiding place:

This is exactly the way it was when we walked into the room:

They just love their chewies!

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AliciaG said...

How cute...Our dog, Jacye, doesn't hide her chew toys in the pillows on my bed...she hides herself there! I come in lots of times and can't find her...then I look on my bed and see a little head sticking out of the pillows. The rest of her is burrowed up in the pillows. Aren't they fun though!

I must say, you are doing better with your posting to your blog...we have had three blogs in a month..woohoo! That is a record for you! Ü