Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fun at the Playground!

When we first talked to the people who own the house we are renting, they told us about a school just down a little path two doors down with a great playground.  I've been busy unpacking and setting up the house but this afternoon after nap time I decided we would go down and check it out.  A bonus was that Tim got off early from work and met us down there about 30 minutes after we got there.
 I decided to let the boys walk instead of putting them in the double stroller.  They loved it!
 What you see in this picture is about all of the trail.  It's not long at all and then you're in the school parking lot.  
 Big boys with their juice boxes!
The beautiful mountains as the playground's backdrop!
 How Charlie likes to slide...
 And how Robby likes to slide.
 "What's that mommy?" (They were clouds)
 Charlie LOVED the swing!
 Robby hated them.
But we found a happy medium and Robby pushed Charlie.

Getting up there with a little help from daddy.
KaiKai enjoyed the slide, too!
Too busy drinking to smile.
Daddy's turn to push!

We are going to LOVE having this park just down the street.  It's an easy walk for the boys but I can also load them up in the stroller and go for some runs on the trails all around the school.  We can't wait to explore more of our little town of Eagle River!


Life and Times . . . said...

Okay, I just came across your blog, and I'm hooked. I'm a Texas girl myself and can't wait to see what living in Alaska is like for y'all.

Courtney said...

This will be a great place to spend time with your family. So happy you guys survived the long trip with two little ones. I really enjoyed following along on your journey. I look forward to following along as you begin your adventures in Alaska.