Friday, July 12, 2013

Calm Afternoons

The past several days have been glorious!  It's been sunny and in the 70s. While we have had errands or other things going on in the mornings, after naptime we have made sure to spend time relaxing and playing outside on our front porch. We don't really have much of a yard or patio, so that's why we like to play out front. That and the amazing views!  :-) I turn on Pandora, let the boys play and I just sit back and breathe.
Watching the neighbor boy mowing the yard. They were thoroughly entertained!
Annie was hot, tied to the porch post and getting bitten by mosquitos. Poor girl can't catch a break. #prayforannie


Catie said...

What a beautiful perfect place for little boys to play :)

Courtney said...

That view is incredible. Alaska fascinates me, because I feel like it is a different world up there. After you have had some time there, I would love to hear your thoughts about how is different than the lower 48.