Thursday, July 11, 2013

A New Moms Club

While in San Antonio, I was a part of the MOMS Club of Schertz.  I met some wonderful, fun women in the club and it was really hard to leave them.  Before moving up here, I checked out the MOMS Club site (it is an international club, so check and see if there is one in your area!  It has been an amazing support system for me as a new mom!) and found the Eagle River chapter.  The second day we were here, I sent an email and got the information about some meetings I could attend to get to know everyone.  I was supposed to go to a playdate on Tuesday but it didn't work out, so I went today.  We met at a park here in town and I got to meet some great ladies.  I'm looking forward to doing all kinds of fun things with them and getting to know them better.  The boys didn't socialize a ton, they just kind of went off and did their own thing.  But I had fun!  And, honestly, the MOMS Club is about the moms!  The boys loved sliding, playing with rocks and rolling in the sand volleyball court.  :-)

Rocks!  My precious!
Whose big hair is that?  Good grief, get out of the picture! ;-)
What?  It doesn't go in my mouth?!
Busy boy!

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