Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some Heart-Melting Moments

Robby has done some pretty precious things lately and I don't want to forget them, so here are few:

-I've been working with him FOREVER to say "I love you".  He says it if I break it down word by word, but he can't/won't say it all together.  So today I told him "love you" and he said back "loe lu".  I got so giddy that he actually was saying it (well, his version of it) back to me!

-Whenever I pick him up from MDO or from Nursery, the first thing he wants after hugging me is Charlie.  He looks around for him and calls out "Charlie, Charlie!"  I love how much he loves his little brother.

-He loves helping me do things.  The latest "chore" I've let him help me with is throwing away the diapers after I change him.  We keep a trash can in the garage just for the diapers, so he will walk to the door with the diaper, wait for me to open it, throw it carefully in the trash can, then walk inside and shut the door.  After he's done he usually says "Yay!!"

-My mom sent me some of my old play food and dishes for Robby to have.  We got them in the mail earlier this week and he played with them nonstop.  As soon as he woke up the next morning, he was wanting to play with it again.  I love how he looked into the container and was carefully picking which toy to play with first!

-Yesterday afternoon, Robby was playing with the play spoons.  I looked over from the kitchen and saw him pretending to feed Charlie.  Charlie was opening his mouth like a little bird waiting for whatever Robby was going to feed him!  I had to stop him a few times because he was kind of jamming it doing Charlie's throat, but it was cute nonetheless!

-Along with that, he has really been pretending more and he loves it when I pretend with him.  He giggles and skips around when I play along with him.  It cracks me up!

-Today when picked up Robby from MDO, his teacher has written on his sheet that he was very chatty and talked about his shoes!  He is obsessed with shoes and feet.  I have to keep my shoes on all the time in the house or else he will constantly be trying to put various shoes on my feet!

 I'm so thankful that I get to stay home with both of my boys so I get to see them change and grow.  I love that I don't have to miss a single sweet moment!

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Catie said...

Love the video! Robby is such a sweetie :)