Saturday, March 31, 2012

First real outing on our own!

On Thursday, I decided I would do what I hadn't done yet - get out by myself with both the boys. I have gotten out in the car pretty much everyday but this was going to be the first time getting out of the car with them. I decided to start small. We just went to the Target just down the street from our house. I didn't have anything I HAD to get, so I felt it would be an easy trip. I think if I had a long list of things I needed, I might have gotten stressed. Charlie was sleeping, so that made it easier, too. I parked right next to a cart corral with a loan cart hanging out in it. I grabbed it and loaded up each kiddo. Everything went great. We just walked around and browsed for a whole. It felt good to get out and feel somewhat normal again.

Robby reached back in the cart and rocked Charlie's car seat most of the time we were there.

Whenever Charlie would make a noise in his sleep, Robby would yell "BEBE" very loud. He definitely kept all the workers entertained!

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Catie said...

One of my favorite pictures!!