Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2 Week appointment and an update

Charlie had his 2 week check up today.  I forgot to post about his appointment last week.  It wasn't a one week appointment, but rather a 3 day appointment after he was released from the hospital.  When Charlie was born, he was 6lb 13oz (2oz less than Robby when he was born).  When we left the hospital, he was 6lb 7oz (the same as Robby when we left the hospital).  At his appointment last Tuesday, he was 6lb 9oz.  We had some issues with him not wanting to eat once we got home, so the first day he really started eating was Monday when we decided that I would just pump and feed him.  Considering he pretty much was only eating for a day before that appointment, I was happy with the 2oz gain!  Today, he weighed 7lb on the dot!  They wanted him to be back up to his birthweight, and he had passed it!  He is (like his brother) in the low percentiles in height and weight, but he got a clean bill of health today.  He had to have that darn PKU test done.  He just cried out when they pricked him, but stopped right after.  Then he fell asleep for the next hour!

Charlie is really doing great!  He is definitely a lazy little guy, which is why we think he wasn't wanting to breastfeed.  He takes a bottle like a champ!  He is eating 3oz every 3-4 hours during the day and is going 4-5 hours at night.  He's not on a consistent time schedule yet, but we will start working on that next week or the week after.  He literally sleeps, eats, and poops.  Robby would sleep, eat, stay awake for an hour or two, then sleep again.  Charlie just doesn't like to do much other than sleep!

Tim has been off work since Charlie was born.  We have thoroughly enjoyed his paternity leave and we are both extremely bummed that he has to go back to work tomorrow.  Thankfully, he only has to go for the morning, then they are giving him the rest of the day and Friday off.  Robby has done wonderfully adjusting to having a baby brother.  In fact, he doesn't even notice most of the time.  When he walks in the room and sees Charlie he says "bebe" then goes about his playing.  He notices when he cries out or when we are in the car and he makes noises.  Other than that, life is normal for him.  He has definitely gotten spoiled having his daddy home though, that's for sure!

I'm doing very well.  My recovery this time has been so much easier than with Robby, and I thought it was pretty good with him!  Things that I thought were a normal part of recovery that I had before, I'm realizing were probably a little bit more on the extreme side.  Seriously, a day after having Charlie I was feeling like I felt 3 weeks after having Robby!  Thanks to such a quick and easy recovery, I have been able to enjoy Tim's time off work more than I would have otherwise.  We have been able to get out and do things and not be quite so homebound.  I'm solely pumping and feeding Charlie.  That wasn't the plan, but that is what works for him.  I'm not going to lie, I'm not heartbroken about it.  This sounds horrible, but I felt very isolated and lonely while I breastfed Robby.  I know that Charlie is getting what is best for him, the method of him getting it is just different.  Also, by doing it this way, I already have quite a bit of stock in the freezer!

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