Thursday, January 20, 2011


I’m linking up and joining Kelly’s “Show us your life – Show us your singles”.  

My best friend Mandy is the sweetest, most caring person I know.  
She is 27 and a nurse in the Kansas City area.  She loves God with all of her heart.  Her giving spirit and genuine love for people is apparent to anyone who spends just minutes with her.  Mandy has an amazing relationship with her family and would do anything for them and her friends.  She loves to travel and spend time with those she loves.  Mandy can make ANY situation fun and has a laugh that is contagious!  Her sense of humor is the best.  She is waiting for her Mr. Right who loves the Lord and I’m just trying to help urge things along!!


Deborah said...

She looks great. Check out my friend Matt. #48 and 244 on Kelly's korner. If you think she may be interested e mail me at

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Check out my brother... #201. We live in Wichita, but he has close ties to KC (his employer is headquartered there and several good friends live there as well). If she has any interest, you can leave a comment on my blog or email to