Friday, January 21, 2011

Daddy's first diaper change

Something I was shocked to learn about my husband once I was pregnant was that he had never changed a diaper in his life!  I thought for sure he had changed his niece or nephew's diaper at least once, but no.  So here is the documentation of Tim's first diaper change:
 This was right after hearing some "thunder" in the diaper
 He's not quite sure where to begin, but he is a bit shocked by the, shall we say, consistency
 Figuring out which is the front of the new diaper
 Trying to remember all the steps the nurse showed him earlier
 Yes, there is the poo
 This is when it gets a bit interesting.  The first wipe...
 That is promptly filled with more poo!  He pooped right into the wipe as Tim was wiping his little bottom!  After we all scared Robby with our explosion of laughter, Tim proceeded with the diaper change.
 Making sure the diaper is pulled up far enough
 Fastening one side
Now the other side
All done!  Both daddy and Robby survived it!!

I really wish I had been videoing because it was seriously one of the funniest things I've ever seen!  Since we've been home he has definitely changed more than his share of diapers and he does a great job!  He was a very fast learner!


Gloria said...

That truly was hilarious! And so apropos considering it was Timothy, the "poop" joker in the family! Couldn't have happened to a better guy.

sarah beth hawk said...

Hilarious! I'm so glad you documented this! Ryan was a first time diaper changer too, but he had the joy of having to change Liam in an isolete bed. the whole time Liam was in the NICU, I made Ryan change his diapers because he did better than me. The cords and having my arms stuck through holes threw me off my game. The first night that we had Liam home he had an explosion while in the midst of a diaper change and sprayed the wall with poop at 2am. We nearly died laughing!

Anonymous said...

Impressive Daddy proud of you! There is "more" to come...have you received the 'baby baptism' me you soon will experience the joy of being "pee" on :)
Take care! God Bless!