Saturday, June 27, 2009

Grand Opening!

This Wednesday was the grand opening of the newest Walmart store in the world and the most prestigious Walmart Neighborhood Market ever built. And why does this matter, you ask? Well, my dad, who put in 30+ years with Kroger only to be treated like crap, has worked for Walmart for less than 3 years and was given the privilege of managing this store. He has been working tirelessly to get this store open and it's his little baby! It looked amazing and I know he is glad to be back in a strictly grocery store environment, because that is where he thrives. He is also able to spend the majority of his time on the floor greeting customers and making sure everyone is happy, which are his favorite things about his job. If you are up in Northwest Arkansas, this is the new Pinnacle Neighborhood Market on Whitaker. I'm very proud of all his hard work! Here are some pictures from Wednesday.

All these pictures might seem like overkill, but if you would have grown up in a grocery store like I did (or if you are related to Monk) you can truly appreciate all of the produce stacked perfectly and all the labels on everything else facing the same way. Also, if you know my dad, you know it wasn't just like that for the grand's like that every single day!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back in the blogging world again! :)
The pics are great! I wish we had something that nice in my neighborhood...I think the very first Kroger EVER must be on my street because it's tiny and never has the stuff I want! I'm so glad your dad has a job that he enjoys! I bet you were excited to see them again, huh? Keep blogging!

Brian and Michelle said...

That is so awesome, Randi! I have driven by this store several times before it opened and can't wait to go in now. Are you guys going to try to move to NWA once Tim is finished with school?


Silvy said...

oh wow! i had no idea your dad was the store manager! that is so cool!! we live off of the pinnacle blvd. exit so i am so so excited for this store (i went there on opening day :)). plus for my job i work with wal-mart store managers and i know what a hard position that is to get (especially at a brand new store). good for your dad!!

Kelly said...

This store looks so nice. I sure wish I lived a little closer!

AliciaG said...

Hey Randi,
Thanks for posting the pics of the store. I am so thrilled for your dad. In the videos that Ryan posted on Facebook, he looked so excited to be back in the grocery business. So, proud for him. I love the pictures of all the items on the shelves all faced out and looking so neat. I can just imagine it will continue to look like this as long as Roy has anything to say about it. I was hoping to see a shot of Lara among these pictures but I didn't. Hope she is doing well too.

Shannon said...

That is so great for your dad! That is one of the most beautiful and clean neighborhood markets I have ever seen!!