Monday, September 8, 2008

Have you ever seen anything more pathetic...

...than one post in one year! My goodness! Well, things have changed quite a bit since that lonely old post over a year ago. In September of last year, I began working part time as a receptionist at an allergy office here in Amarillo. We totally intended for this to remain part time, but after 3 months I was asked to take over another part time position, thus making me full time! I long to be able to stay home again, but I know that will come in due time! Let's fast forward to this year. In April, we were able to make a trip out to Southern California to see Tim's grandparents. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to experience this beautiful part of the state and to see where Tim spent the early part of his life. We had an absolute blast and are very grateful for his grandparents having us out there.

Me, with my favorite animal ever!

Us at the San Diego zoo
Us at In-N-Out!
As soon as we got back from that trip, we received a letter in the mail informing us that our house was being sold by our landlords and we had to move out. This was not at all what we were expecting since we had planned on living in that cute little house until Tim graduated from pharmacy school. So I, being the obsessive planner that I am, looked up every single rental property in the city that evening! Thankfully, by the end of the week, we had found a great house owned by a wonderful retired couple. We were moved in by the end of April and have enjoyed it tremendously! The kitchen is smaller, but what wouldn't be compared the the gigantic one I had before! We also have an extra we are open for visitors!!

Our new home

On a bit of a sad note, one week after we moved into the house, I had a hydroplaned off of the interstate on my way to work and hit a sign (but thankfully not the person in front of me or the guardrail) and it fell on top of me and crushed my car. I was there for about 30-45 minutes with rain pouring in my car. We found out at the end of that week that my car was totaled. This thrust us into a situation that we were not prepared for and hoped to not have to do until next year...buying a new car! We purchased a 2008 Pontiac G6 and I'm having a lot of fun with it...if people would stop hitting it in parking lots (seriously, twice in a 2 month period!).

My poor car. It doesn't look like it should be totaled, but the interior was ruined and the trunk was separated from the rest of the body of the car.
My new car

Us on our 2 year anniversary!
This summer we were so blessed to have each of our parents come for a visit. We had a wonderful time taking them around and showing them where we live. Last month, I completely surprised Tim with a trip to Colorado Springs for his birthday! He was literally driving down the road when I gave him directions to this mysterious house I was trying to find when he found out he was actually driving to CO! I had everything packed and hidden in the trunk! We had a great time, even though it rained the whole time and it was so foggy we couldn't see the mountains! I had hoped that we would be able to go to the top of Pike's Peak on Tim's actual birthday, but it was too muddy. I guess that just means we will have to go back!
Celebrating Tim's bday at the Melting Pot

Eating breakfast on our way home

Tim started his third year of pharmacy school the day after his birthday. He has rotations the first half of each day Monday-Thursday, then classes during the second half of the day. On Fridays he has his exam block. I am so very proud of him. Even though he has issues with his time management, he always gets things done and does them well. I cannot believe that he is halfway done with pharmacy school. Both of us are anxious for it to be over, but I know it will be over before we know it and we will be looking back on all of these years with fond memories...right, Tim?! As for me, I am still working at the office I mentioned before, but I have also become a Mary Kay beauty consultant and I am really enjoying it!

On Labor Day weekend, I drove to Arkansas and surprised my mother to death (LITERALLY! She almost had a heart attack) for an early 50th birthday present. Yes, world, my mother is turning 50 this less than a week, actually! I walked into her office that Friday afternoon with two Sonic Diet Cokes, and she just sat there with her mouth wide open. I thought for sure she would squeal and jump up and down as my mother does, but there was nothing! Just an open mouth! We had a wonderful weekend just spending time together. I really miss our Saturdays together back when I was in high school and we would just get out and go different places, not necessarily to purchase anything, but just to be together.

Well, I think that brings you all up to date on everything! I hope you have enjoyed the pictures from this past year and, of course, this last one of our children! :-)


Mom said...

Thanks for the cute update. I was smiling the whole time I was reading your blog...and I already knew everything you were talking about! Now that is a proud Mom for you! I love you both!

AliciaG said...

Hey Randi! Thanks for sending me your blogspot address! I have been wondering about you and Tim and now I can keep up with you. I will add you to my favorite spots and check your blog daily. So, no more of this taking a year to add to your blog. It is great to know all that has been going on with the two of you. Sorry about your car, but it looks like you have a nice new one. And I love the looks of your new little house. Wish I could see you in person, but Amarillo is just a place I go by too often. Thanks for the info on your mother's birthday. I had noted her birthday coming soon, but did not realize it was going to be the big 5-0! I will have to send her a card.
Take care and I love hearing from you!
Ms. Alicia Ü
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Kelly said...

Randi, Thanks for letting me know about your blog! I am so glad things are going well for you and Tim. We were disappointed that are plans changed and didn't get to come and visit. But it looks like maybe next summer! Just had to say I love IN N Out and The Melting pot!!! Kelly

DeniseG said...

Hey Randi!! It's so good to hear what's going on with you and Tim. I'm so sorry about your car, but I'm glad you're okay. You look great!! The next time you come to Colorado though you better call me - I can't believe you were an hour away and I didn't get to see you for a few minutes. I look forward to keeping up with you now with your blog.
Take care! Denise