Friday, December 9, 2011

"Little" Blessings

Here recently I've been almost overwhelmed by simple frustrations.  I'm tired and I hurt all the time.  I feel like I am fighting off tears almost constantly.  Robby has been so whiney in the afternoons for some reason (actually, it's more like for no reason!).  We are in the process of entering into something very big but it's taking longer than expected to get answers, so I'm anxious and feel helpless.  This afternoon as Robby was napping and I was rushing around to get things at least picked up to look presentable, I began to realize all the blessings I have received this week.  This past weekend, Tim didn't have to work.  We were able to spend time together and just enjoy each other.  Tuesday we were able to hear precious Charlie's heartbeat then grab some breakfast together after my appointment before Tim had to go back to work.  Thursday I went to a cookie exchange and while I was struggling with Robby (it's difficult to hold a wiggly boy with this big belly of mine!) one of the moms grabbed him from me and told me take a break for a minute.  That day, Tim was able to come home for lunch (something he hasn't been able to do in a while) AND he got to come home pretty darn close to the time he's supposed to get off work!  I also was able to get a haircut yesterday.  My last haircut was at the beginning of June, so I was long overdue for a trim!  Then this morning, a friend watched Robby for about 3 hours while Tim and I had some business to take care of.  Although it wasn't a "date", it was nice to be kid-free midday and enjoy some time together.  We even got to eat lunch together.

These aren't big things, but I need to remind myself to note and thank God for every little blessing that occurs.  Right now I'm focused on a particular big thing we want (and need) to work out, but I need to remember that my life is a culmination of "little" blessings.  The little things I think don't matter tend to be the things I look back on to realize have had a big impact on me and my life.

Of course, I know that two of the big blessings in my life are my wonderful, self-sacrificing husband and this super cute little guy:

Toes are quite tasty, don't you know?

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Elizabeth said...

Hey Randi - I can't relate to having a little one with another one on the way so soon. I can relate to feeling frustrated and realizing how blessed I am even with whatever craziness is happening. This song helps to remind me...