Saturday, June 25, 2011

Robby's trip to Cabela's!

Today, we drove about 45 miles north to Bula and went to Cabela's so Tim could buy a gun that he's been saving to be able to get. We started our morning with Robby sleeping until almost 9! It never fails, whenever we don't set our alarm "knowing" he will wake us up early, he sleeps late! It was fine with us, though. We got some Shipley kolaches and donuts on our way out of town and got there about 10:30. Tim was able to get his gun (we actually went last night but we didn't have any government documents with our current address so he couldn't buy the gun last night). Then we walked around and enjoyed everything. Tim told Robby all about the animals.

We had so much fun, it just wore out Robby!

We ate at the restaurant there then headed home. We stopped by the big outlet mall in San Marcos on our way home. Robby has outgrown all of his pajamas. The only few that fit him are fleece and far too hot for summertime down here. The Carter's outlet was having a great sale so Robby also got some new shirts!

We ended the day by having Kathy, Tim's sister, over for dinner and just relaxed the rest of the evening. It was a great and tiring day! Robby was so exhausted from our adventures, he went to bed at 6!! :-)

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