Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Fun Monday!

This Monday we got up and got ready bright and early...

Because Robby and I were going to play with the little girl of a couple that Tim and I knew from JBU! They are down here for the summer while Cole is doing a law internship with the JAG program at Ft Sam Houston. A couple of weeks ago the Erin contacted me to see if I could watch Lyric for the day because she was going to be out of town an Cole would be working. Lyric is two years old, but you would swear that she was 6 by how articulate and intelligent she is!

When she got to our apartment, she put together 4 puzzles all by herself!

Then she helped me put Robby down for his first nap. While in Robby's room, she spotted the turtle pool floatie and said "Look at that big tortoise"! After the 3rd time of saying it, I asked her if she wanted to take it into the living room to play. She said yes, and that she wanted to take the stuffed "baby humpback whale", "monkey" and "armadillo" as well. I was just shocked she knew specifically what they were (well, Shamu is a killer whale, but most 2 year olds couldn't even say "humpback whale!). So we had school with all the animals.

She showed the turtle out the window.

Then she showed the turtle the mirror on Robby's exersaucer.

Then we bounced on our bed for a little while.

While Lyric bounced on the bed, Robby bounced in his Johnny Jump Up.

I think he enjoyed having someone besides his mommy to stare at all day!

After we had lunch, it was nap time.

When the day was almost over, we spent a little time with Dora the Explorer.

Before she left, she had to say goodbye to all the animals!

We had so much fun with Lyric! She was so easy to take care of that it wasn't really any work at all!

Robby ended the day with sitting on his own for the longest he ever had (about 45 second or so 6 times!!). He was so proud of himself!!

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