Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a nice reward!

Tim's grand rounds went fabulous. He actually let me attend this time (last semester he said I couldn't come because it would make him too nervous) and I was so proud. I told him that now I understand why my mom would always sit in the audience and have the biggest smile on her face whenever I would sing or anything. I just sat in the back smiling because I was so proud! He is such a great public speaker that he makes it seem so easy. Unlike me. I have this great ability to make an 1 1/2 hour presentation take about 20 minutes (I did that when I presented my senior project in college...not good!)

Yesterday and last night the weather was looking like it was going to get pretty bad. They were calling for ice then snow. Now, nothing against the Amarillo weathermen, but 90% of the time, they are dead wrong! Too many times I have counted on waking up to a beautiful winter wonderland only to be broken hearted when I looked out the window to see a whole bunch of nothing! So this morning, I woke up and nothing had happened, but after about 10 minutes I heard something hitting the living room window. I looked out and sleet was coming down. I was watching the local news, trying to see if Amarillo schools were closed (because if the schools were close, we could be closed) when all of the sudden there was a loud pop and all of our power went out. Thankfully about 10 minutes later a lady from work texted me to tell me the schools were closed, to which I texted her back saying it was a good thing because there was no way I could get ready for work with the power being out! Then Tim called the ice line from TTUHSC and it said they were closed too (and he found out later that they are going to be closed tomorrow too!!). So we both just went back to bed to enjoy our snow day! I feel like it was a great reward for Tim's stressful week!! We got out just a bit ago to go to the grocery store and took some pictures in our neighborhood. Here they are, along with some pictures of the dogs playing outside. Annie is refusing to go to the bathroom at this point because the wind is blowing snow so hard. So instead, she is sitting beside me whining very loudly. I'm about to try holding her over the toilet just to get her to stop whining!
Our front and backyard at the beginning of the snowfall.

Pictures of our neighborhood. I love all those trees. In the spring they are so beautiful and green, in the fall the change to the most beautiful colors and in the snow they are just gorgeous! I love taking walks down our street!

Annie was outside for about 10 minutes, not wanting to go to the bathroom. So, when she got back in she needed some snuggles to get warm again (ignore the lack of makeup and un-fixed hair!).
Tim and Leo played outside for a while. It was so cute to see Leo running around in the snow. He loves winter weather!
The first time we let Annie out, we put her winter coat on her, but as she was running back to the house, she managed to walk out of the front part of it. It was so funny to see her trying to get up the steps with one leg in her coat and one leg out of it.

I'm hoping to be off work again tomorrow. A four day, snowy weekend sounds fabulous to me!


AliciaG said...

Oh girl, I am jealous. WE are still waiting for it to come to our cities. They are predicting it pretty strongly but I guess I won't know until about 6 in the morning as to whether we are going to be out...and that would be after I have already arisen and gotten ready! :o( Have fun on your snow days!

Elle said...

yay! I'm so glad ya'll have a few snow days... and congratulations Tim...

I'm curious how do you keep your white couch so white with two dogs? in our house that couch would be dirty in a day....