Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I have a question...

Does anyone have a recipe for some good homemade salad dressings? My favorite dressing is a bacon vinaigrette. But I would love to experiment with several different kinds. If you don't know of a recipe, if you know of a good site to find some recipes, that would be great too! Thank you in advance!

(I'm so glad I spellchecked "vinaigrette" because you all would have laughed at how I originally spelled it! I've been out of school for too long - I've done lost my smarts!!)

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Anonymous said...

I use allrecipes.com a lot but most of the time, I just google what I'm wanting a recipe for and then pick the recipe that sounds the best/easiest/cheapest! My mom and dad have a recipe for the Olive Garden dressing. I could it for you if you like!