Monday, July 27, 2009

Annie Update

I wanted to give more of an update on Annie. She is able to walk around on her own, she's just a bit wobbly. She doesn't have complete control (or possibly feeling) back in one of her back legs, so she tends to tip over while she walks or sit down when she is trying to stand up. Also, since she tries to protect that back leg that isn't doing well, she walks with a bend in her back. She is eating and drinking well, as well as peeing and pooping (is that TMI? Sorry if it is!!). She has lost most of the muscle mass in her back legs, which is sad to us because she had quite the thighs on her because she would jump and wrestle with Leo. We were surprised at how quickly she has lost all that muscle. I hope she gets it back soon! We go to get her staples out this Saturday, then we can begin some rehab with her. If we were in Dallas, we could take her to center where her surgery was done and have a free consultation where they would show us what to do with her. Since we aren't there we are just going to call them and have them go over everything with us over the phone. I think she will make a full recovery and regain full mobility in her back legs, but if she doesn't, she is still happy and she will at least be able to walk around and play outside! Her hair is beginning to grow back. We would always call her our "Little Razorback" because she had a boar stripe down her back that would stand straight up when she was barking or being protective. When they shaved her back, the left the very top and the very tip of it, so when she barks now, there are two little spots that stick up! It's cute, but we're ready for it to all grow back and for her to be back to normal!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you updated! I'm glad she's doing so well! You're such a good mommy! Good luck with the rehab!