Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Marriage in a Snapshot

I came home from work today to find our bathroom towels like this:

Now, this wasn't a surprise, because this is what the towels look like everyday after Tim and I get ready in the morning. However, today, it clicked with me: the way we hang our towels is a perfect description of our personalities! Can you guess which one is mine and which one is Tim's? :-)
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AliciaG said...

From what I know of you and the way you were raised...I would say yours is the one on the left (all neat and tidy) and Tim's is the one on the right (kind of fun and free...anyway it lands...but at least hung up.) ;o)

Mandy Riester said...

HA! That's great. Boys are so messy.

It's so strange that you have the "praying for Harper" thing on your blog because when I was reading about Kelly I thought to myself, "This is EXACTLY how Randi will be when she's having a baby!!" I can just imagine all the monogrammed and Razorback baby gear you'll have!!