Friday, January 23, 2009

Nothing too exciting...

I bet all three of y'all who read my blog would love it if I posted something more than just once a month! As I was thinking about what to post, I got a little frustrated because nothing exciting has happened to us lately. THEN when I started thinking about that fact, I realized that I would rather not have excitement, because it would probably end up something like this! We all know we don't need anything like that happening again!

I guess you could consider Leo waking up twice in the middle of the night last night barking at absolutely nothing exciting. The odd thing, he has really been maturing lately. He sits at the front window watching the kids play outside or our neighbor walking his dog, and Leo doesn't do anything. He doesn't bark or try to break through the window or anything! I was very proud of him when I took him for a walk on Wednesday and he didn't bark at a single dog that we passed! Now, he did growl at a guy who was walking a little too close to us. I'll definitely not complain about him doing that! We were beginning to give up hope that he would ever become mature enough to not break things or go crazy when someone walks by the window. The first thing he learned to do in the training classes we took him to was to sit. And boy does he sit! We say his name, and where ever he is in the house, we hear him sit down. If we get on to him for something, he immediately sits down, I guess to distract us from whatever he has done wrong by sitting down beautifully! He does still tear off his toe nails trying to get inside when he hears the trash truck. He has now ripped off three in the last month or so!

Other than that I can think of nothing to post! Oh, have you ever wondered what a loofah looked like all pulled apart? Have you never even thought about it until now, since I said something? Well, this is what it looks like:

Oh, so don't buy the $.96 loofahs at Target, or this might happen to you in the middle of your shower!! It just fell apart in my hands! Who knew these things were like 10 feet long?!

Ok, in all seriousness, if you haven't noticed my new little button on the left side of my blog, look now. This is Kelly Stamp's blog and she is just the sweetest girl in the world. After several years of struggling to have a baby, her and her husband were blessed with a precious little girl. But when she was born she had immediate breathing and heart problems and was taken to the NICU in Tulsa (they live in Bentonville). She is progressively getting better, but it is going to be a long road. Please pray for them as they are coping with all the ups and downs of having a baby with serious health problems. Kelly is keeping very upbeat but I know she is tired and just wants to take her baby home with her!

I hope you all have a great weekend, and if anything exciting happens to us, I'll be sure to let you know!



Anonymous said...

Okay, now! Give yourself some credit! More than three people read your blog! And yes, I would love for you to post more than once a month! And it doesn't have to be exciting stuff or even what you've been doing lately, it could just be what's on your mind that day, you know?
When I saw your picture I was cracking up because I thought your dog tore up the loofa and I was finding it kind of ironic that you were spending such a long time bragging about how mature he was getting and then there was a picture of his latest damages! :)
You know me though, I'm a sucker for cute dog stories!

Anonymous said...

I meant to ask you, I saw your button about Harper last week and I've been following her blog ever since. I've been praying for her like crazy! Who is Kelly though? She has literally thousands of people reading her blog everyday! Is she a public figure?

AliciaG said...

Thanks for updatimg your blog, Randi. I have been wondering what is going on with you. I love reading about all that is happening in the Weigle household. Sounds like your Leo is a lot like my Jacye. She will be 4 years old in March and still tears up the toilet paper roll if you leave it on the roller. That is what I thought had happened when I saw your picture of the loofu all stretched out. lol