Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Major catch up time!

We have been really busy since we got here and blogging hasn't really been on my mind!  Getting out and exploring has been our number one priority while the weather has been nice.  We were told that the entire month of September is rainy and it's looking like most of August is like that as well.  Here is a quick rundown of what we've been doing!

We went on a hike at Lake Eklutna.

We went to Seward to check out the aquarium.

We made new friends.

We went to Mirror Lake.

We had a visit from Aunt Mandy.

We went to Robby's first movie in a theater.

We went to the zoo.

We visited a reindeer farm.

We celebrated Tim's 29th birthday.

It is so beautiful up here!  I'm ready to stay here forever but Tim told me I need to make it through a winter first before I start scheming ways for us to stay!


Kristal @ The Strong Family said...

I love this post!! And I love that y'all are having such a great time up there, living and exploring! Seward was probably my favorite place we visited last year. I loved the town, the beach, camping on the beach...just so cute!

Also, I love the rug in your kitchen (I think). Where'd you find it?!

Tim and Randi Weigle said...

Kristal, we are truly loving it! We really enjoyed Seward also and are looking forward to doing more there. Tim is doing a halibut charter from there next weekend! I found the rug on Overstock but they wouldn't ship it up here, so I did a google search for it and was able to order it online through Target (although it's not actually sold at target). Definitely look at overstock though because it was $20 cheaper there with free shipping!

Katie said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I've missed seeing your life! What a fun adventure for y'all.