Monday, December 8, 2008

'Tis the season for Christmas parties!

We had our Sunday School class Christmas party this past Saturday night. We are truly blessed that we found our church. It took us almost two years to find it, but it is everything we prayed for. I have really connected with the ladies in our class and Tim definitely has a lot in common with the guys. We also love the praise and worship. This was our first Sunday School class Christmas party to go to together and it was great!
We took pictures in front of the fireplace at the house where the party was held.

The guys, fellowshippin'!

All the wonderful food!

Wednesday I have my office Christmas party, Friday we have our CPFI Christmas party, Saturday I have a Christmas Tea with the SS ladies, and at some point we have the CVS Christmas party...have I mentioned that I LOVE Christmas?!

Oh and we are totally supposed to get snow tonight! This will be the first snow this winter, which is really odd here. If I wake up and there is no white stuff on the ground, I am going to be disappointed!


Kristal said...

Glad you all found a church home. That makes a world of difference!! Y'all are looking as cute as ever!! Merry Christmas!!

AliciaG said...

SNOW!!! I am jealous! LOL
Glad you and Tim found a good church with lots of people your age to socialize with. That is so important.
Love ya and hope you have a Merry Christmas!